SEASON ON PS4 – Official open

💥🏆First season on the PS4 platform officially opened💥Want to congratulate all the players and teams playing on PESPRO with the opening of the first season! It will be very interesting😊
👉Some information about the season:
🔥🔥🔥We start with PESPRO LEAGUE (it will be held in two rounds) between rounds will be held PESPRO CUP. As a result of these two tournaments, 4 best teams will be formed, which will compete in the most important trophy of the season – PESPRO SUPER CUP.👈
💥Each round will be formed the national team tour, which will include the top 10 players! Everyone will have chance👈🏻
⚠ Round will consist of two games (home and away) of 15 minutes in the first round will be used clubs rating 3.5 – 4 stars👈🏻
⚡This is the basic information about the season, with the regulations, the League format and the calendar of games can be found on the website! 👈🏻
✌🏻Good luck in the upcoming season😉
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