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Rules PESPRO | 2 season



   The league will go in one circle! (16 teams)In total there will be 15 rounds (30 matches) , for one round 6 days will be given (+1 day for adding the result of the match). 

The round consists of two matches (at home and away):

- The first match is played by clubs;

- The second match we play national teams;

Restriction on the choice of teams:

- clubs rated 5 * can be used a maximum of 5 times;

- nat.teams rated 5 * can be used a maximum of 5 times;

The owner of the field - the first team to choose, it is forbidden to play the same teams!

After each round played, statistics will be kept on the selection of teams, and this will be available for each captain at any time!

Time to play 21.45 set (start of the match)! By mutual agreement of the captains, this time may be changed!



   Group stage + play -off. 4 groups of 4 teams, in the play -off got 1-2 place .

We play with fixed clubs and nat.teams (match club / match Rating - 4.5 * (national teams); 5 * (club)

The group stage will be held in one circle - 3 rounds (6 matches);

Play-off - 2 matches (at home and away), if the total of two matches is a draw (the guest goal rule is not taken into account), we play the third match -7 minutes (extra time and penalties included).

If the 1st match ended in a draw, the 2nd match must be played with extra time and a penalty included.

Cup matches will be held once every two weeks during the League!

* 1st game week = 2-3 League round

* 2nd game week = 5-6 League round

* 3rd game week = League 8-9 round

* 4th game week (1 \ 4) = 11-12 round of the League

* 5th game week (1 \ 2) = League round 14-15

* 6th game week (final)



- duration of the match is 15 min;

- injuries off;

- extra time / penalty off;

- all players: yes (minimum 8 players);

- time of day: evening (clear);

- subs: 3 + 1 (extra time).


   The result of the round must be entered before the end of the deadline of the tour!

Required screenshots: Team squad (nicknames), General statistics of the match, Timeline of events, screenshot of statistics of each player

IMPORTANT! If you do not have screenshots - the result of the match can be canceled! Screenshots can be sent to the forum in a special topic or attached in the match!
How add results ?
Option 1 - >>video instructions<<
Option 2 - In this >>section<<  will create topic with numbers rounds. In the appropriate "round", leave a message in a this  format >>>Example<<


|Main Rules|

  1.  If the team is categorically not satisfied with the rules of the League / Cup - it has the right to refuse to participate no later than 24 hours before the official opening of the tour!
  2.  A team that leaves the tournament for no reason during the season receives a ban on participating in further tournaments for a period of 6 months!
2.1 After the announcement of early departure from the tournament - the team has 3 days to change their mind and will return, while technical defeat  will not be put down in unplayed matches!

2.2 If the team that left the League played less than 50% of the games, absolutely all games will be canceled.

2.3 If the team has played more than 50% of the games, technical defeat  will be put in the remaining games.

2.4 In cases where the team has very poor activity or has withdrawn from the tournament - the Administrator has the right to replace the team, saving points accumulated for the new team!
  1.  If the team has violated the limit on the use of 5 * clubs, the following sanctions will be applied:
* 6 times used by the club with a rating of 5 stars - minus 2 points from the team;

* 7 times used by a club with a rating of 5 stars - withdrawal from the tournament;
  1.  If the team has not used at least 2 times the club \ national team from the above Leagues / regions:
* only one League / region is not used - minus 2 points per team;

* not used 2 leagues / regions - minus 4 points per team;

* not used 3 League \ region - minus 8 points from the team;

IMPORTANT! For a systematic violation of the rules for choosing clubs / teams - the team will be disqualified
  1.  If the team does not systematically enter the results of the match (statistics), the following sanctions will be brought to it:
* 2 rounds in a row - the limit on the use of clubs \ national teams 5 * is reduced to 3 times;

* more than 3 rounds - it is forbidden to use clubs \ national teams with a rating of 5 *;

* systematic non-completion of results - disqualification;


                                                      | MATCH |
  1.  In cases where the opponent does not contact within 2 days or more - inform the Administrator!
  2.  If the opponent postpones the game more than 2 times - you have the right to demand technical defeat!
  3.  If the round is not played before the onset of the deadline, and there is no good reason for transferring the game, a mutual technical defeat will be affixed.
  4.  The round can be moved outside the deadline - but in this case, you must inform the Administrator 24 hours before the deadline and request a transfer!
  5.  If you do not have enough players to play, you must inform your opponent no later than 4 hours before the game - the game will be rescheduled!
(You can only request this option twice a season)
  1.  All matches must be played in the order in which they are presented in the schedule (meaning the order of rounds, first 1st, then second, etc.).
  2.  Teams can play a round before the opening date - but one of the teams must have played the previous round!
  3.  In some cases, the Administrator has the right to allow teams to skip the current round and play the next one!
  4.  The match should begin within 15 minutes from the scheduled time.
9.1 If the opponent did not show up after 15 minutes - technical defeat will be put down!

9.1.1 The captain reserves the right to replay technical defeat - on a different date, while coordinating this with the Administrator!

9.2 The captain has the right to start the match after 15 minutes from the declared time - without the consent of the opponent (even if the opponent does not have a full squad)!

9.2.1 The maximum waiting time between the first and second games is 10 minutes!

9.3 To start a match, you must have a minimum of 8 players.
  1.  In the match, each team has the right to one restart in the first 10 minutes of the game (player disconnect, wrong choice of sides, etc.) - but only if the score of the match is 0-0!
10.1 Before using the restart - the captain must notify the opponent!

10.2 If the opponent set the wrong room parameters or violated the rules (including injury, day, snow, rain, etc.) - you have the right to leave the match in the first 5 minutes of the game (without using the right to restart)!

If the situation repeats, you have the right to create a room and play both matches at home!

10.3 After the final whistle, complaints about violation of the rules for creating a room are not accepted!

10.4 During a free-kick - players are prohibited from being located closer than 1m from the opponent's goalkeeper zone!

  1.  The player who received the red card in the match - skips the next round!
The player who received 3 yellow cards during the games skips the first match of the next round!


 | Transfer market |

   1.To declare a new player to the team, in the subject of the team it is necessary to register the player's data with a new message.

Example: + # 7, Oximiron, CMF | DMF, Ukraine
  1.  Transfer of players between teams is allowed only during the Transfer window!
2.1.1 The transfer window opens 2 times per season:

* from 4th to 5th round

* from the 9th to the 12th round

2.1.2 Once a season, the captain can transfer a player at any time.


 | Violations and fines |

   - If during the match the players use insulting expressions in bulk, or there is a stubborn insult to the players \ teams - the team has the right to leave the match, and the opponent will receive Td;

- Insult: disqualification for 2 rounds. (In case of repetition-disqualification from the tournament)

- In case of disrespectful behavior and provocative actions, the player will be disqualified for 3 matches.

- If a player who receives a red card enters the field in the next game, the team captain is suspended for 2 rounds, the player’s disqualification with the card is transferred to the next game.

- If an unapproved player enters the field, the team receives a technical defeat!
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