Pespro Pre-Season Cup MD3

Group A still looked a tight group after 2 matchdays with no teams guaranteed qualification. Divino United had to achieve the impossible in order to qualify, but Porros did not give them any chance and took all 6 points.  The other qualification spot was up for grabs between ARB FC and USSR, both teams had 6 points prior to this matchday. ARB FC just about managed to qualify after a 2-2 draw and a 3-2 win.

Group B had an extraordinary end to the group, Hussars had already qualified prior to MD3 but the 2nd qualifying place was still up for grabs between Goodfellas and Strike Back. The Goodfellas beat Strike Back in their first game which guaranteed Goodfellas a place in the knockout stage. The Polish derby between Made in Poland and The Hussars only saw The Hussars getting 4 points, at least they have been consistent in that regard, but dropping 2 points meant that 1st place of the group was not yet guaranteed. Goodfellas needed to win the second game in order to win Group B, but Strike Back certainly didn’t make it easy, they managed to equalise twice in the game but only to concede a last minute goal in 90+5 min and let Goodfellas crown champion in group B.

Qualification places were already guaranteed for PESZ and 424 going into MD3, 424 managed to beat PESZ in their games to crown champions of Group C. KingsOfPes finished their pre-season with their heads high, beating PEH twice. Unfortunately there is no qualification for 3rd place in the group.  PWS still couldn’t open their account by MD3, they were beaten by 424 twice whom had already secured qualification.

The Football Academy put on a stunning performance which gave them 6 points against Phoenix, qualification is looking bleak for PhoenixeFootballista on the other hand bagged two convincing wins against Pesoholicari, looking good to secure first place in Group D. The Football Academy only needed 2 points from African Fighters in order to qualify, but they still finished the group in some fashion, getting all 6 points and finished 2nd in the group.

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