Pespro Pre-Season Cup MD1

The opening fixture in Group A saw USSR take on last season’s champions Porros. As no surprise Porros got the job done with two wins without conceding a goal. The other fixture in Group A saw a neck and neck tie between new team ARB FC and returning team Divino United, they both got a win in Match Day 1.

Another new team in the form of Made in Poland took on Strike Back in Group B, again it was a pretty even tie with Made in Poland winning 2-1 in their Home fixture and Strike Back wining 2-0 in theirs. Elsewhere in Group B The Hussars managed to keep the normally high scoring Goodfellas relatively quiet and bagged an impressive 4 points in the opening fixture.

In Group C, 424 are off to a flying start, beating KingsOfPes twice and scoring 3 goals in both fixtures. PESZ got off to a tough start and only managed a goalless draw against PEH, but the Germans managed to get the 3 points they were after in the reverse fixture. The extra match in Group C saw the clash between PESZ and PWS, PESZ came out with two comfortable wins and put 10 goals past PWS.

In Group D, new team Pesoholicari gave last season’s 2nd runner-up a hard time which saw Phoenix getting a draw and a very narrow win. Phoenix then played their extra fixture against another new team African Fighters, luckily for Phoenix this time it was a more comfortable fixture, they got all 6 points and won by an impressive 10-1 in one of the matches. put on a somewhat dominate display against newly rebranded The Football Academy, getting two wins out of two.

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