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Participants best 16 teams PESPRO:
– 1-8 place 1 division (after end League)
– 1-8 place 2 division (after end League)
If the team that took the 9th-10th place in the division(any) – won in  Cup, so it  replaces the team that took the 8th place in the 2 division!”
Will be given 3 days for 1 round(two match)!
Format: Group stage + Play-off
Group stage – 1 circle, 1-2 place coming in Play-Off
Play-Off – two matches (home and away), away goals not count.
If draw after two matches (5-5, 3-3 etc) – play third-match (use clubs from second match) 7 min (only in third match), extra time – off,  penalty- YES!
FINAL – one match 15 min, extra time and penalty ON!

Clubs: can use any club, but home team choice first! If home team pick club 4.5*(club rating cant be less than 4 *) – away team can pick club only 4.5* too.
ATM vs Real MAdrid – NONE!
ATM vs TTH  – OK!
>>Full Rules<<