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Nick: Oximiron
Position: CF
Platform: PC
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  1. Nick: Amory
    Position: cmf, lwf, amf, rwf
    Platform: PC
    Discord ID: AmrO#1808

  2. hamsterski

    Nick: hamsterski
    Position: CF/SS/LWF
    Platform: PC Steam
    Discord : HAMSTERSKI#0168
    Steam Profile :
    Whatsapp : +60105559890

  3. Nick: ATRE
    Position: DMF to CF, depending of the player any position can interest me
    Platform: PC / Europe
    Discord ID: Twlsky#0019

  4. Ejemplo:
    Nick: Don.Mario
    Posición: dc/ext
    Plataforma: PC/steam
    ID de Discord :Mario-Javier#5891
    enlace de Steam :
    wastsapp : +593984705084

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