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Nick: Oximiron
Position: CF
Platform: PC
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Comments (88)

  1. Nick: Srna33
    Position: CF
    Platform: PS4
    Whatsapp: +380959268355

  2. ZOoRoO81

    Nick: ZOoRoO

    Position: DMF (style of play: regista)-CM-AMF

    SECONDARY: Defense

    playing in attack is not favorable but I could give it a try

    Platform: PC
    Steam profile:
    pes pro page:

    prefer a team that likes to retain possession and not through lob all-day

  3. Nick: Unam
    Position: CMF,DMF,LWF,RWF
    Platform: PC
    Steam code: 149950973
    I played some months last year, now I would like to come back and try with a new team.

  4. MagicCoutinho

    Platform: PC
    Prefer possession football but i can respond on all requests and tasks which the coach wants from me!

  5. Nick: RaMyOnK/ in Game ramyon
    Platform: PC
    Position: LWF/RWF/RW/LW/AMF
    My play style is opening spaces, and running so that i get the ball and send the ball in good way to someone.. …
    and u can test me 🙂
    I always try do my best, if i play in those positions i most likely and most of the time i do good passes, also i can make defenders tired if its not a bot person, i can make the player tired and not focusing on the game or the position he is given….

  6. mickxraw

    nick: mickxraw
    platform: pc
    position: RM/LM-CM-SS
    whatsapp: +447925478036
    prefered contact : instagram – mickxraw
    the way i play i consider myself a utility midfield player who has great attacking awareness but also loves to defend.
    or a great “dummy runner” player at SS who supports the main striker making runs in behind to keep the defence away from creative players

  7. Nick: deed0t
    Position: Any
    Platform: PC
    Contact: Whatsapp | +44 747 664 5813

  8. Friesen6

    Nick: Friesen
    Platform: PC
    Center Back (CB)
    whatsapp: +1 513 472 0169

  9. Nick: MmD_HeS
    Platform: PC
    Position: ALL
    my play is noraml …
    and u can test me 🙂
    im always try hard for better

  10. JorgePanta

    Nick: JPANTA
    Plataforma: PC- COMPUTER
    Posición: LB-RB-CMF
    whatsapp +51 994375223

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