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If you are a free player and wish to play for one of the teams on the website – leave your profile here and the captains will contact you.​
Nick: Oximiron
Position: CF
Platform: PC
How to contact you ? Leave your Watsapp or a link to a page in the social network

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Comments (129)


    Posizyon:LW RW CF
    Plattform PC

  2. Dmitrinho

    Nick: Dmitrinho38
    Position: any, except CB and GK
    Platform: PS4
    whatsapp: +79021818232
    PSN: Dmitrinho38

  3. Oximiron

    Nick: Oximiron
    Position: CMF\DMF
    Platform: PC
    P\S Full noob, if you team want win every match – better search other player:D
    Only funny atmosphere and positive:)
    I don’t have much time, but I can play 1-2 times a week (mostly on weekends)

  4. Nick: Simo
    Position: CB CDM CM
    Platform: PC
    How to contact you ?


    Pozisyon SF GF

    %86 Online Division Win 1600 points and it keeps getting stronger
    Plattform PC

  6. Pablo Traxos

    Nick: Pablo

    Position: CB/LB/RB

    Platform: PC

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