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Nick: Oximiron
Team: Porros
Free Position: CF, RB, CMF
Platform: PC
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Comments (33)

  1. LeoMessi

    Nick: Leo_Messi
    Team:The Cybers
    Searching for good players.

  2. Blitzkrieg40

    Nick : Blitzkrieg40
    Platform : PC
    Position : Defense/Midfield/Attack
    Country : Danemark
    Discord : Blitzkrieg40#0598

  3. AntonioValencia

    Nick: Antonio Valencia
    Team: OneTouchables
    Position: Attack (LWF, CF, RWF)
    Discord: tom#2585

  4. Nick: haLLer
    Team: PESZ
    Position: CB
    Discord: haLLer#2035

    You will join a Team based on Teamwork and many funny moments

  5. Nick: Emin
    Team: Golden Foxes []
    Free Position: LB, CB, RB, DMF
    Platform: PC
    Discord: Emin#6599 , raouff00#2645

  6. Platform :PC
    Nick: Matje
    Team: Blue Devils
    Free Position: CB, RB, DMF
    My Steam:
    My Discord: Zulexx#4286

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