🔥 🏆 🔥 ⚡FCC Pesmakers Winner of “PESPRO CUP / PS4” ⚡ 🔥 🏆 🔥

🔥 🏆 🔥 ⚡FCC Pesmakers Winner of “PESPRO CUP / PS4” ⚡ 🔥 🏆 🔥
✌ Hello Everyone! Here officially ended the Cup “PESPRO” 🤗 👈
🔥 ⚡ 🏆The winner of the Cup of the 1st season was the team “FCC Pesmakers” 👏 👏  👏 throughout the Cup the Team did not Know defeats, and his confident game ended the tournament with a victory 💪 🏻 Congratulations! FCC Pesmakers takes its place in the “PESPRO SUPER CUP” – where it will compete for the status of the best team of the 1st season 👈  🤔
🔥 ⚡ 🥈The second finalist-Panthers quite a bit unlucky, the team lost in the final with a score of 1-0, but despite this, the team throughout the tournament showed an excellent game, managing to knock out the Cup the best team of the 1st round of the pespro LEAGUE – “Gladiators” 👈 🏻
🔥 ⚡ 🥉3rd place is taken by PES Elite, the team performed very well in the Cup, managed to knock out a strong opponent from the Cup USSR, but lost in the semifinals-FCC pesmakers! 👏🏻👏🏻⚡
‼Unfortunately, it was not possible to make a team of the best players, due to the lack of a sufficient number of matches with the entered statistics 🤔 🙁
✅ 👉 Many thanks to the teams that took part in the Cup! Congratulations to the winner-FCC Pesmakers🏆, finalist-Panthers🥈 and the team that took 3rd place-Pes Elite 🥉 👏  👏  👏 ⚡
‼🔥 ⚡Most recently we had a poll about the best player of the 1st round of “Pespro LEAGUE”. So it’s time to put an end to the poll: 👇 👇  👇
🔝The best player of the 1st round according to ” PESPRO Community”
“Zaurbek_USSR” (37 audience votes) ⚡ 👈
✅ ⚡2nd and 3rd place are taken by “dzhatik” (23 votes) and “everlast_serega” (22 votes) ⚡ 👈

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