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FORMAT: Fixed team in all home matches

Group stage: 4 Groups
One round against each team in the group, two games (home & away)
Qualification for knockout stage: 1st and 2nd place from every group

Knockout stage: Best out of 3 (BO3) – Extra time and Penalties ON


A – Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal
B – England, Argentina, Brazil
C – Netherlands, Uruguay, Colombia
D – Croatia, Serbia, Denmark
E – Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco

SB – Croatia
PESZ – England
PESZ (fix England) vs SB (fix Croatia)
1st match PESZ pick England, SB can take any team from basket B or C (except England)

2nd match SB pick Croatia, PESZ can take any team from basket D or E (except Croatia)
In the knockout stage if there is a 3rd match, the team with the lower ranked fixed team is home.
Example: GF (Spain) vs SB (Croatia) – SB is the home team if there is a 3rd match
IMPORTANT! If both teams have a fixed team from the same basket, all matches must be played with their own fixed teams.
Example: Porros (Russia) vs United Chaos (Austria) – in all matches Porros must use Russia and United Chaos must use Austria.
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