e-League “Second division” | PS4

Hello friends! I want to inform you about the opening of the second division for the e-League! I know that some teams want to join us, and this is a great opportunity to do it! Regulations, will absolutely thus same as and in the main League, will familiarize can be is >>>here<<<. Only will be introduced rule raising teams in the classroom, i.e. 5 best teams second division-will move in major League, 5 worst teams Major League-will move in the second division. I think it’s pretty simple!
I think many people already know that we play only with full statistics, and we have our own system of evaluating players, we also determine the best players of the week, League, season, etc.And this gives even more motivation to players and teams. All who wish to join PESPRO, leave your request below or contact me directly!
1) name team
2) Watsapp

If u want contact with us:
– Main Administrator:  + 380637517104
– Administrator e-League “Second Division” : +39 331 593 7207

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