E-League | Official open

Friends! I am happy to announce that “e-League” official open! Tomorrow you can start playing tours! But do not forget about the rules:

- The League will be held in one circle ;
- Will be given 7 days to play the round;
- Play two matches (home and away) 15 minutes match;
- all players – on (minimum 8 players in team, only one player can play for all player); subs – 3;
-add time and penalty : off;
-if the team has less than 10 players, the captain is forbidden to be the owner of the room, this right passes to the guests;
- official games should begin no later than 21.00 cet. If the team is unable to play at such a time, inform the administrator of your playing time;

League Format:
You can use absolutely any clubs, home team first  a choice club , guests can choose a club equal to the stars.It is forbidden to choose clubs in the form of “D” and below.
✔Chelsea vs Arsenal
✖  Chelsea vs Juventus
In the second match, guests must choose a club home team, and home team need choise a club guest team.
✔1st match: (USSR) Chelsea vs Arsenal (FCC Pesmakers)
✔2nd match: (FCC Pesmakers) Chelsea vs Arsenal (USSR)
The winner of the “PRO LEAGUE” – gets into the Super Cup PESPRO, where he will be able to fight for the title of the best team of the first season!

But keep in mind that in the course of the League, you must comply with the current >>>Regulations<<<, and also enter the full statistics of matches! For non-compliance with the rules-your team will be excluded from the League.

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