💥 🏆 ⚡Small results of 2019 Year, and also the team of the 5th round ⚡ 🏆 💥
✌🏻Friends! So came to the end of the insanely difficult, but rich in achievements in 2019😌 Probably one of the worst news of this year – this is the official “death” of the 11×11 mode on the PC platform😕 😔Employees of “Konami” made every effort to achieve this 👏 🏻 👏 🏻 Pespro as a project, BEGAN its journey on the PC platform, so I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who Started playing with us, and was until the very end 🔥 😊
👉 🏻 😔It was the PC platform that taught us a lot, and only thanks to the PC we existed for more than 3 years😮! Thank You🙂
🔥👉🏻Well, the most important achievement is the beginning of our journey on the PS4 platform🙂👉🏻 special Thanks For this @gektor1 (Gektor Troya), he was the man who made an Enormous contribution to the development of the site🙂 🔝⚡I Also want to thank the first 10 teams that have supported us and joined us at the beginning, namely👉🏻 : ✅USSR, ✅FCC Pesmakers, ✅Rain ✅Gladiators, ✅Kings, ✅CFC Titan ✅Panthers, ✅HFP, ✅Pes Elite ✅Crushers (Just Team)👈🏻
🆕 🤷 On this platform, this is our first experience, we made mistakes, made a few wrong steps-but thanks to this we learned a lot💪 🏻! At the same time, we tried to do something new, interesting-something that will give this regime a new interest🙂
👉 🏻This year, in addition to 11×11, there were many really “big” tournaments in 1×1 mode 🤔 well, most of all I want to highlight ⚡ national team selections⚡! And some players who play on PESPRO – will represent their national teams at Euro 2020😮 🔥, namely 👇 🏻 :
🔝 🔥Ukrainian national team: bydb_prosche (@id156434343 ) “FCC pesmakers”;
🔝 🔥Russian national team: xemyjlbspb (@xemyjlb93) “gladiators”, fatalya “Panthers;
🔝 🔥Bosnia and Herzegovina national team: plantifulbat7 “BiH National”;
🔝 🔥Slovenian National Team : Dominho3 “Old School”.
⚡ 👉 🏻This is a really cool achievement! Congratulations 👏 🏻 👏 🏻
‼In this regard we want to recommend you perhaps the best site mode 1×1 – Pesmanager.net. the Project has been around for a very long time, has an insanely high level of tournament organization, its own transfer policy and much more. Pesmanager is played by very strong players, so if you want to increase your ” LVL ” in 1×1 mode – this is a great opportunity! More details can be found on the site itself or in the VK group (@pesmanager_net) 👈 🏻
——————– 👇 🏻Well, now let’s go to the team of the 5th round 👇 🏻 ————————-
💥 🏆 ⚡ Team of the 5th round of “e-League”💥 🏆 ⚡
⚡ ⚡ ⚡ 👇 🏻Best players of the tour team 👇 🏻 ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
🔝Best defender- player Just Team “r_br00klyn” – 8.5✅
🔝Best midfielder – player USSR “Emin_Adler_93″ – 9.6 ✅
🔝Best striker- player USSR”El_Armenio_USSR” – 9.8✅
🔥 🔝Best player of the tour – “faraon_828” – 9.9 (6 goals) 🔝 🔥
💥 ✅ ⚡The USSR team showed the highest quality football-the average score of the players was 🔝 “8.22” 🔝 🏆 💥 ⚡
👉 🏻 ⚡Some players for several reasons were not able to take their place in the team, but the guys showed a great game (each of them completed to be in the base)😉: 👇 🏻
⚡ ✅Just team defender – alexandr_35ru 7.7 💥
⚡✅Defender Old School – Benksi32 7.9 💥
⚡ ✅Midfielder Just Team – Konstantin198519 8.4 💥
⚡ ✅Midfielder PES Elite – Waya-peselitecfc 8.3 💥
⚡ ✅Panthers Forward – Srna33 9.3💥
⚡ ✅Old School Striker – Xxjujepu93xx 9.3💥
⚡ ✅USSR striker – LastEmperor_USSR 9.0💥
🔥 👉 🏻 🙂Finally, administration PESPRO congratulates EVERYONE on the upcoming year 2020! We wish you all the best, as well as great success on the PES fields, more victories, great emotions, beautiful goals and less nerves! Try to spend more time with your family and people close to you, but if you decide to play PES-we wish you to get the most out of the game! Happy New Year To All! See you in 2020😉
‼👇 🏻Information about the start of the leagues 👇 🏻 ‼
“e-League” – opening of the 6th round 07\01\2020
“PESPRO LEAGUE” – opening of the 10th round 09\01\2020

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