🔥F.C. Porros Winner “Pre-Season Cup”. 🏆
🗨Strong game and self-confidence bring yet one trophy for team!Congrats!
🔥PESZ take 2nd place 🥈
🗨Team showed a high level game throughout the tournament,but it was not enough to win in Final. Congratulations from the 2nd place!
🔥The Goodfellas  have 3 place🥉
🗨Team take  “first awards” on PESPRO in their history. Congrats, we hope it’s only start;) Gl in future!
🤝Big Thanks every team for participation in CUP!
🤝Big Thanks Partisano for organisation!
🤝Big Thanks Bombin for video’s with best moments in CUP!
Best moments in CUP, created by Bombin

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