Hello ! and so it’s time to take stock of our first season on pespro!
Thanks to all the teams who participated in this.
Thanks to all the players and team captains!

Pespro League Results for Season One!

🔥 ⚡ 👉 🏻 🏆  🥇 🏆 👈 🏻 ⚡ 🔥

Champions of the League becomes the team – F.C.PORROS.

💬 📣They accidentally entered this championship, as many players had problems with the game (Thank you Konami)
But at the last moment everything turned out well!
And from the first round, they confidently took the lead and throughout the season, did not let anyone come close to themselves
! And long before the end, they became Champions!
Probably they were lucky with the draw of the team, but I do not think that this was the main factor!
Having scored 101 points and scoring 100 goals – they deserve the championship!

✅ (W-32 D-5 L-1)⚡ congratulations 👏 🏻

🔥 ⚡ 👉 🏻 🥈 👈 🏻 ⚡ 🔥

Team takes second place – PESZ
💬 📣Throughout the season, F.C. Porros competed for the championship.
But at some point, a stably debugged German mechanism failed.
And they calmly played out the season. Not letting anyone in to themselves.
As a result, 71 points and second place.

✅ (W-22 D-5 L-11)⚡ congratulations 👏 🏻

🔥 ⚡ 👉 🏻 🥉 👈 🏻 ⚡ 🔥

And the third place is taken by the team – Phoenix Fc – newcomers to the league!
💬 📣The rookie team confidently began the season. But by their inexperience, they lost a lot of points.
This team has played more games in a draw than it won! As a result, they scored 16 (draw)
After the first round, they were in the middle of the season. But the rest of the season, spent a very powerful and eventually pulled out
third place among its competitors!
61 points and third place. Congratulations

✅ (W-15 D-16 L-7)⚡ congratulations 👏 🏻

💬 I would like to talk a little about other league teams!

they spent the whole season with dignity, and in the end they took a powerful step forward and took fourth place.
But they had so many players on the team,
that they made another team –
The Hussars, which also competed with all other teams

💬 USSR – also looked worthy throughout the season, and counted on the prize.
As a result, the ending of the season and fifth place failed!

💬 Divino United, PEH Hungary, Supernova. Position Play – thank you all for the season.
You always compete with other teams and it was nice to see your mature game!
Great teams, worthy opponents!

In the break between circles 3 more teams were added to us!

💬 The Goodfellas, The Hussars and 424 – they got not very strong teams for games,
but in this case, they still created battle-worthy teams, ready to fight
to any opponent! Thank you for the season!
I hope you will become even stronger.


👇  ⚡ 🏅 individual awards 🏅 ⚡ 👇

🔥 Top scorer – Arion.Kane 41 goals ✅ 🔥

🔥 Best assistant – YouSS 20 assistants ✅ 🔥

🔥 Best attacking player –  Arion.Kane 52 attacks. actions’✅🔥

🔥 Best in interceptions – nawrosiu 179 interceptions ✅ 🔥

🔥 Best by selection – nawrosiu 39 tackles ✅ 🔥

👇🏻Best players team League 👇

⚡🔝The best defender in the League – Recon 🔝⚡

⚡ 🔝Best midfielder in the League – YouSS 🔝 ⚡

⚡ 🔝Best striker in the League – Arion.Kane 🔝 ⚡


💬 👁 🗨Thank you very much for the season!
Ahead of us is waiting for the cup
Good luck to everyone and good luck.


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