3v3 CUP

Setting room:

  • match 10 min;
  • Legends off;
  • pause time – normal;
  • level superstar;
  • injury Off;
  • night;
  • any player ON;
  • extra time and penalty ON;
  • any stadium except “Juventus Stadium”.

1. Every team can have max 4 permanent player ( 3 + 1 reserve ) and  can change the players for the games how they want but only with this permanent players. If the reserve player Play on game for a team its NOT  allowed to take a another 5 Player for the next games
  1.1Also if a team need the reserve player they have to register him by the admins.
2.Player can Play only for one permanent team.
3.Start match with 2 players = disqualify.
4.Home team create room in Teamplaylobby and invite of the One opponent team.
  4.1The opponent team have max 10 minutes for join in room.
5.Every Player have to select ALL Players in the game.
6. In Cup need use only clubs, rated – 4.5-5* stars.
7.Home team always first choice club, can’t choose this same clubs (firs 2 games) :
  Real vs Barcelona ✓
  Real vs Real
8.If in first game Team A (home) choice Real, Team B(aways) choice Barcelona  – second game Team B have to Play with Real and Team A with Barcelona.
9.It is forbidden to stand in front of the opposing goalkeeper or similar during free kicks
10.System Cup – BO3 – play to 2 wins (away goals rule does not count).
11.If results first two games – 1:1 (series), need play last 3rd match.
    Important! In 3rd match you can use any clubs, Real vs Real also!
12.Any kind of insult or abuse against other players in player chat immediately means disqualification of the team to which that player belongs.
13.After every game we need a screenshot ( Teamsides with all Psn ) and picture of results and the winning team. (Results + screenshots need send in special group Watsapp).
Sponsored by Serbian Joker in Cooperation with PESPRO

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