– level : superstar;
– duration of the match is 15 min;
– injuries off;
– extra time / penalty ON;
– pause time : long;
– legends : off;
– all players: yes (minimum 8 players);
– time of day: evening (clear);
– subs: 3 + 1 (extra time).
– goalkeeper : ON;
Tournament start  Saturday 30.05.20 / 20:30 CET with Round of Last 16 and Round Last 8 Teams
Semifinals, Final and Game for 3rd Rank starts Sunday, 31.05.20 / 20:30 CET

1.Knockout Mode  – BO3 (Best of 3).
2. Play only with “Nations teams”. You can pick any club, this same “France vs France” – too can!
3. Home team Always create the room and invite the Captain of opponents team.
4.If one Team is 15 minutes or more to late they lose first Game.
  30 minutes to late = disqualification
5. If in the Game 2 players disconnects, it’s possible to continue with 8.
6.If 3 Players disconnects of one team = lose the Game 3:0.
7. Every team can restart the match one time in every round till the First 5 Minutes.
Attention !! Only If its 0:0 and No Red Card
After 5 Minutes you have to continue or it’s up to your opponent he want accept or not
8. The player (real player, not Modric or Ronaldo etc)  who get a Red Card can’t Play the next match( 1 match ) not one round.
9. At free kicks it’s forbidden  to stay in front/ by the opponents Goalkeeper !
10. Be fair to your opponents, turn off the microphones so as not to disturb the opponent.
11.If there are insults against the opponent in player chat or via microphone, the team to which the player belongs will be disqualified witch immediate effect!
12. Every team has to record every game for safety!
13. Team Can Change his Player how they want, but each player Can Play only for one Permanent Team in the Tournament!